vendredi 23 mars 2007

episode 120

I’m Grissom and I will talk to you about a strange investigation. The police found a dead body in the mountain. The person was attacked by a dog and on the body there was the blow of a scalpel and it was not a dog that could do that, just a human. I discovered that the dog who bit the person had a tooth in less. I searched for the owner of the dog and I discovered that she was nutrition doctor. I called my employees to take all the tools to the kitchen and they hada lot of blood in the mixer and in a glass. The murderer was the doctor. She killed a person to drink many pieces of organs. She did that because she had a disease and if she didn't want to die she had to drink blood.

Oh come all ye faithful

Hi, I’m Carrie. My friend Miranda had a problem with a guy. He always went to the shower after they had sex. Finally, she broke up with him. For me, when I was going for a walk in the morning, I saw Mr. Big going out to the church with his mother. I didn’t know he was a Catholic. At this moment I decided that I wanted to meet her mother. Mr. Big didn’t want me to meet her. I decided to see her by myself. It was a horrible meeting. Mr. Big presented me as a friend. At this time, I realized that he didn’t love me because he could not say ‘I love you’. It was the end of our relationship.

vendredi 2 mars 2007

CSI episode 107

The story began when a teenage girl ran outside to search for help. Her father, her mother and her two brothers were dead, killed by a person. The only survivors were her and the little girl of the family. Gil Grissom was called to supervise inquire. Sarah Sidle was called to accompany the little girl to the hospital to know if the girl was hurt. Catherine joined Gil for the inquiry. They suspected the boyfriend of the teenager. He killed them, because the teenager asked him to do it. She asked him because she didn’t want her father to rape the little girl like he did with her. The little girl was her daughter and the daughter of her father. She was born out of incest. Gil and Catherine resolved the inquiry and Sarah discovered that she likes kids.

vendredi 23 février 2007

Season 1, episode 3, Bay of Married Pigs

The episode began with Catie. Her friend Patience and her husband Peter invited Catie to Hampton for the week-end. But in the morning she saw the reproductive system of Peter in the hall. Patience was angry so Catie decided to return to New York City. Along with her three friends she realized that married people thought that single people was the enemy and it was the same for the single people. In other part, a partner of Miranda thought that she was gay so he made a blind date for her with a girl (Syd). The wife of the boss of Miranda wanted a gay couple in her circle of friends so she invited her and Syd to her home. After the supper Miranda decided to confess her boss that she wasn’t gay and he didn’t invite her anymore. At this time, Carrie found a boy-friend and she decided to invite Samantha and Charlotte to a party at the home of her new boy-friend but when they were entering to the home, they saw couple everywhere. It was a horrible night for Samantha and Charlotte. Finally Catie broke with her boyfriend because she didn’t want to marry him. It was the war between “we” and “I”.

vendredi 9 février 2007

CSI Las Vegas

I chose CSI- Las Vegas because I watched many episodes. My sister and my mother like it too. In general, the story it’s about a murder. It’s really fun to know how the scientist revolved murderer in Las Vegas.

There are six principals ‘characters that they are all scientist. In first, Gil Grissom is the chief and he is a specialist in insects study.

Catherine Willows is a specialist in blood. She was a naked dancer before to be a scientist and she has a girl.

Warrick Brown is a specialist-analyst in audio and video. He is a gambler.

Nick Stokes is a specialist-analyst in fibre and hairy.

Sara Sidle is a specialist analyst in materials and Greg Sanders is the technician in laboratory.

Sex and the City

I chose Sex and the City because it’s a television series that I saw with my best friend. It is a television series who all of us can recognize us.

Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) is a journalist who makes a column about the relation between boys and girls in the New York Star. She knows a lot a people because she is a fan of fashion. Her fetish thing is the shoe, she love it. She has a weird relation with a boy, Big.

Charlotte York (Kristin Davis) is a gallery owner. In love, she is really innocent. Her goal of her life is to be married. But for that, she must be found the perfect guy.

Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall) is a business woman. Her first priority is guys. Not one, all of it. She likes fuck with guy but never with a day after.

Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) is an advocate. Her job is the most important thing on her life. She has a masculine thing and she has a lot of problems with guy.